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1. Chapter Grants – $50,000

Chapter Grants are funds that would be made available to individual chapters for chapter-level programs and activities and travel to and from GIS-sponsored events. Funds would be granted through an application process starting in the Fall of 2015.

2. Leadership Conference – $50,000

The Annual Leadership Conference is a two-day event held each August with the president of each chapter as a way to educate them on the history and structure of GIS while providing valuable tools for successful chapter management. Funds donated to this bucket would allow for the addition of another day while also supporting the cost to bring two student leaders from each chapter.

3. Professional Development – $50,000

These funds would be used for additional technology resources for the creation and expansion of professional development series administered through an online format while still partnering with our professional associations and company partners. The extension would allow us to reach our entire membership base.

4. Scholarships – $50,000

Funds would be used to establish or increase monetary value of existing scholarships and awards granted through GIS. Specifically, two PhD level scholarships would be created for doctoral candidates studying to become future risk management professors.

5. General Operating – $50,000

Funds given for general operating purposes would be used to maintain and potentially increase staffing levels, increase technological capabilities for areas such as membership management and fundraising and increase the GIS marketing initiatives.

6. Regional Conferences – $50,000

GIS is looking to increases its on-site programming to students through the development of regional conferences that would continue to promote and encourage professional development and leadership. Smaller regional conferences would allow for more GIS students to take advantage of the benefits offered at the Annual Conference.



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