Membership Types and Process

Membership Types

Gamma Iota Sigma offers several types of membership. There are two Student Membership Levels, New and Renewal, as well as two membership levels to honor non-students, National Honorary and Associate Member. The descriptions are below.

New Membership

New Student membership fees are $40.00 and provide lifetime affiliation with Gamma Iota Sigma. The fee is assessed by the Grand Chapter to the local chapter. New membership is valid from the date the application is signed and returned with acceptable payment until June 30 of the academic year.

Renewal Membership

Local chapters are assessed $10.00 per renewing chapter member during the program year (July 1 thru June 30). Chapters are required to submit renewal member fees for those students who wish to continue to partake in the benefits of the organization. Students must be paid renewal members in order to serve as a chapter officer, attend the Annual Conference, or participate in Grand Chapter sponsored events.

*Each local chapter should develop their own fee system (annual, quarter, or semester basis) to support the Grand Chapter assessed fees as well as their local activities.

National Honorary Member

Only the Grand Chapter can grant honorary membership in Gamma Iota Sigma. The local Chapter may nominate a person for honorary status, and, if approved, a special Honorary Member Certificate will be issued. The nomination request, on a member application form noting “Honorary Member,” should include a cover letter with rationale for the nominee meriting honorary status. No fee is charged for a National Honorary Member.

Associate Member

The local chapter may want to confer Associate Member status on a local person. A $40.00 fee should be submitted with a regular member application form, designating “Associate Member” across the top of the form.

Academic Distinction Designation

This designation may be awarded to collegiate members of Gamma Iota Sigma in good standing, at the discretion of the Chapter Advisor. Eligibility criteria for the designation are to be determined by each individual chapter. Criteria must be submitted to the Grand Chapter for approval prior to awarding the designation. The Grand Chapter requires that criteria be based solely upon academic performance and substantially in the study of insurance, risk management, and/or actuarial science. The determination of a minimum grade point average will be at the discretion of the Chapter Advisor, subject to prior approval of the Grand Chapter. The designation will be represented by a gold foil medallion to be affixed to the designee’s Gamma Iota Sigma membership certificate. The Grand Chapter will provide the medallion at cost. The Grand Chapter is to be provided with the names of all award designees for database recording purposes. Once approved, award criteria may not be amended without prior submission to and approval from the Grand Chapter.

Membership Application Forms

The Grand Chapter will provide a generic application form in both pdf and word document formats. Chapters may use the word document version to customize the form to meet their chapter’s needs; however, chapters may not delete any fields required by the Grand Chapter. Application forms are available online for printing by the chapter.

Process for Submitting Membership Applications

Each chapter will be required to submit membership using one of the online membership application forms found on this page Membership Resources.  A submission will be required for each member. Chapters should submit membership by the 1st of each month.

Each chapter will be required to retain hard copies of the original applications until October 31 of the following program year. For example, membership applications submitted during the 2014-2015 academic year must be kept on file by the chapter until October 2015.

The Grand Chapter will invoice each chapter once a month for the memberships that have been submitted. Payment can be made to the Grand Chapter via credit card, money orders, or checks issued on the official local chapter checking account or issued by the college/university. No personal checks will be accepted.

Membership Certificates

New members will receive official membership certificates once application and payment have been made by the individual chapter. Certificates will be issued within three weeks after receipt of all necessary information. The individual chapter will be assessed a $10.00 charge for any certificate that must be redone because of database entry mistakes.