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GammaSAID will present a series of webinars in 2018 focusing on different aspects of authenticity, inclusion, and diversity. Join us for our first webinar!

International Students: Challenges and Opportunities

Thursday, February 1, 2:00-3:00pm EST

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Ke’Cheon Bello (Beta Phi ’17), GammaSAID Council Member
Clevon Cunningham (Alpha Iota ’19), GammaSAID Council Member

Collegiate RMI programs increasingly see international students and future industry talent relocate to the US for quality insurance education. However, international students face challenges associated with securing internships, full-time employment in the US, and work visas after graduation. The insurance industry struggles to wrap its arms around the international hiring and sponsorship process, and is missing out on top talent as a result. Join the GammaSAID Council for its inaugural webinar, as we discuss challenges for both international students and insurance organizations, and how the industry can embrace the opportunity.

Students, faculty, alumni, and industry representatives are encouraged to participate.