Insurance Jeopardy

Join us for the AAMGA’s Insurance Jeopardy, hosted at the 2017 GIS Conference!  Don’t miss this opportunity for friendly competition with your GIS colleagues!  The competition will take place in several rounds on Saturday, September 30th in Dallas, TX, with the final round being held at the Saturday-night GIS Annual Conference event! Build your 4-person team, and below by Friday, September 8, 2017 to secure your chance to play.

Important Note: A team of four players is not required to be entirely from the same chapter.  You are encouraged to form a team representing either your chapter, or a combination of chapters!  Individual players may also sign up to be placed on a team (based on availability).   Interested but don’t have a team put together yet? Complete the form anyway to let us know of your interest! A resource bank will be provided on the GIS website in advance of the competition.