Forming a New Chapter

We welcome inquiries to Grand Chapter regarding formation of a new collegiate chapter at a specific school. There should be a reasonable expectation the following circumstances exist.

  • There is at least one faculty member interested in advising a student group.
  • There are both junior and senior level students expressing interest in forming a chapter.
  • College/University Administrators will agree to meet with the fraternity representative(s).
  • Gamma Iota Sigma will be a fully-recognized student organization by the University.
  • There are University and/or Departmental Funds available or there is potential for significant industry support for the collegiate chapter.
  • There is a desire for a local student group with an international affiliation.

The one-time fee charged by Grand Chapter for a collegiate chapter charter is $2,500.00. The fee due Grand Chapter for each student affiliating with a collegiate chapter is $30.00. The fee due Grand Chapter for each returning collegiate chapter member is $5.00 for the 2015-2016 academic year.

To inquire further about the formation of a new chapter or to begin the process, please contact Grace Grant at with the subject: Forming a New Chapter or at 614-559-0569.